Alexandra Road, King William's Town

Tel 043 642 4506

The Amathole Museum, formerly the Kaffrarian Museum, is a natural and cultural history museum located in King William's Town in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. The museum houses the second largest collection of mammals in South Africa and includes the taxidermied body of Huberta, the world-famous wandering hippopotamus.

The Xhosa Gallery reflects the cultural history of all tribes of the Xhosa nation. 


R63 / Link Road,  King William's Town

The Bhisho Contact Centre is a Living heritage site that tells the story of what happened during the Bhisho Massacre on 7 September 1992, but also reflects of other aspects of struggles for liberation in the Eastern Cape. An extension of the Bhisho Massacre Memorial, the site comprises flexible meeting, exhibition and public entertainment spaces. It forms part of the First Node of the Bhisho Revitalisation Programme.


9 St Mark Rd, Belgravia, East London

Tel 043 722 4044

The Ann Bryant Art Gallery is housed in an beautiful old Victorian building which was the family home of East London's prominent Bryant family. The house, together with the Bryant's extensive art collection, was bequeathed to the city in 1946 and opened to the public in 1948. The gallery has over 350 artworks, with a permanent collection that includes works from Thomas Bowler, Maud Sumner, Lawrence Scully, George Pemba, Willie Bester and Norman Catherine, among others.


Heroes Park, East London Esplanade

The Multicultural Man statue symbolises the universal humanity of all cultures.  Situated at Heroes Park on the East London beachfront, the three-metre sculpture depicts a faceless man standing in the middle of Earth, surrounded by seven doves representing the seven continents. It is one of four identical works created by Italian artist Francesco Perilli as a tribute to peaceful multi-culturalism. East London's Multicultural Man - a gift from the Italian government - was unveiled in 2006.


R63 / Link Road, Bhisho

The Bhisho Massacre Memorial is a remembrance site dedicated to the 28 people who were shot and killed by the then-Ciskei Defence Force, during a protest march on September 7, 1992. The massacre occurred when demonstrators tried to cross the Ciskei Defence Force lines to enter Bisho. Soldiers, some armed with machine guns,  fired indiscriminately into the crowd for about five minutes,  shooting many people in the back as they fled.​



2429 Mbeka St, King William's Town

Tel 043 605 6700

An initiative of the Steve Biko Foundation, the Steve Biko Centre was officially opened on 30 November 2012 to translate global interest in the legacy of Bantu Stephen Biko into an intellectual, economic and developmental resource for the local and regional economy.

The Centre comprises a museum, archive and library resource centre, the Steve Biko Commemorative Garden, training rooms, cultural performance and production spaces, a community media centre and memorabilia shop.


Esplanade, East London beachfront

Tel 043 705 2637

Boasting an impressive collection of marine life and a few truly unique displays, the East London Aquarium is one of East London favourite amenities and a definite must-see for all visitors. Established in 1931, this is the oldest aquarium in South Africa with a rich legacy in marine conservation and numerous excellent attractions.  The Environmental Education Centre impacts thousands of learners each year.


319 Oxford Street, East London

Tel 043 743 0686

Established in 1921, the East London Museum is one of the most interesting natural and cultural history museums in South Africa with numerous excellent exhibits, including  the type specimen of the prehistoric coelacanth, a 40 000 year old humanoid skulls and the world's oldest human trace fossil footprints, dating back an incredible 124 000 years and an extensive collection of beadwork relating to the Xhosa-speaking people.


Kwelera River Mouth

Tel 043 737 0061

The Kwelera National Botanical Garden (NBG) in East London is South Africa’s 10th national botanical garden and the first to be established in the Eastern Cape.

It encompasses the Kwelera Nature Reserve, an important biodiversity corridor of the region and of a developed section that is to be built on 10.48 ha adjacent land not yet open to the public. Unique factors include the rich biodiversity, scenic and heritage features.


Stutterheim Road, East London

The Calgary Transport Museum, a satellite of the East London Museum, features a collection of carts, wagons and handcarts from the Border region, acquired and restored by the late Robin Wells.  Also on show are a gypsy caravan, a tack room and a wheelwright’s workshop and forge.