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Efficiency boost at Port of East London

The Port of East London has improved its ship turnaround times to an impressive 14 hours, thanks to newly completed 80-ton bollards commissioned by the Transnet National Ports Authority.

The R2.1 million investment has exceeded the target of 17 hours set for the 2022/23 financial year, significantly enhancing operational efficiency at the port. The global turnaround average for container ships is around 18 hours.

According to Port Manager Sphiwe Mthembu, the new bollards allow the automotive terminal to securely moor Ro-Ro vessels over 200 metres in length at the R-extension berth.

With the commissioning of the bollards, Ro-Ro vessels are now accommodated at R-extension instead of the S-berth. This shift has led to a 50% reduction in turnaround time at the car terminal.

Previously, similar-sized vessels spent around 24 hours at the port, but now the average stay is just 12 hours.

The decreased travel distance between the berth and the terminal facility has streamlined vessel loading, contributing to the port's overall performance.

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Source: Engineering News

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